Select Photo Album (a collection) from the New Menu

  1. Click on New
  2. Select Photo Album

This provides you a new collection. You'll drop photos onto the Photo Album from the finder

Getting some photos into the Photo Album

  1. You'll select photos from 1 (either as a group or individually) from the finder
  2. And drag them to the Photo Album

This process looks like this

The photos now show up in the album.

To see/change Photo Album settings

  1. Click on the top level of the Photo Album (you can change the name, of course)
  2. Then click on the photo album item on the page to highlight it (the blue rectangle needs to show—but the rest of the page should be normal). If you click twice, you'll have gone 'too far' and nothing will show in the inspector.
  3. Click on the Inspector tool on the top of the bar.
  4. In the inspector, click on the last item (Object). There you'll see the Layout settings that you can change.

Here I've changed the Layout settings

  1. From Scale to Fit to Scale to Fill
  2. From Page Titles (the file name by default---but you can change that), to None.